Recently we launched the second season of our Choose RCVRY Podcast! In Britney joined me (Derek) as we talked about life up here in Alaska with all of our snow this winter. Plus, we talked about our latest collaboration… this time for coffee! Who doesn’t love coffee right!? Oh and about the winter… if it’s gonna be around -15, then it needs to be snowing or at least have snow on the ground!


Back to coffee…. Wagon Coffee Roasters, based in Denver, Colorado, employs women in recovery for their coffee roasting. So when you buy from them and us, you get to support women getting job skills and getting their feet back on the ground plus we donate back to recovery work in the areas of addiction and human trafficking! So when we heard about the opportunity to collaborate with Wagon Coffee, we had to jump on it.


Then we rounded our talk of this first episode of season two by talking about friendship. Friendship has been an unexpected blessing of Choose RCVRY since it’s beginning in 2019. Britney came along a few months after and my friendship began through her help in photoshoots, videos, podcasts, outreaches, and overall just being willing to have ideas bounced off her. We talk about how friendships like this can be appropriate and actually so helpful in life, recovery, and business… specifically even though each of us are both happily married.

Aah yes that’s the unplugged part of us addressing that sometimes controversial question. Tune in at the podcast or watch it at our YouTube to hear our full conversation. Thanks for supporting the Choose RCVRY brand! Give us a follow on all the platforms you’re on and help us gain more traction!

Listen here: PODCAST HERE!

Or... Watch Below the full YouTube episode 👇



- Derek

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