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Back in Hawaii

This week I'm blessed to be back in Hawaii and networking with several apparel brands across Oahu as well as some island photoshoots. My main reason for this trip though is to help shoot a video for a friend's ministry on the island. 

A little over 2 years ago we were here for similar reasons, also producing a video for the same friend's ministry. They minister through opening their home to military personnel and work alongside the chaplains on the bases here. It really is a privilege to help showcase what God is doing among those serving our country. Addiction and the dysfunction that feeds it is not immune to our soldiers, so I'm so thankful for those who make a difference to the military community!

Ok back to the apparel brand stuff... So a little over 2 years ago I came across the He > I Apparel store front in Haleiwa. A surfer who loved God started making these shirts and it eventually grew into a couple storefronts and an e-commerce business all based in Hawaii.

Inspiration from He > I

After thinking about how He > I started and thrived right here in Hawaii, I became fascinated with doing something similar from Alaska. Later during that same trip I felt a strong sense to start some sort of apparel brand once we returned to Alaska. I knew I loved God, recovery, and Alaska's outdoors. What resulted is the Choose RCVRY brand through 3 lines... our ActiveWear, Lifestyle, and Fashion lines all aimed to make much of God in recovery and based in Alaska.

Take the Leap of Faith

Fast forward to this trip in May 2021, and I found myself reflecting on the past couple years after swinging by the He > I store once again. So thank you He > I because your shirts and overall brand played a big part in the inspiration to start Choose RCVRY! No matter what you sense God pushing you toward, have faith and take that jump! He's never promised it will be easy, but He promises to be with us and give us strength to follow His plan. 

- Derek


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June 23, 2021

In just a couple weeks I will celebrate my 1-year point of sobriety. During this past year I also underwent a below the knee amputation. The ONLY thing keeping me going is my faith, the grace and mercy of God. I am so glad I found RCVRY! and now that you are aligned with He > i (I found them a while ago and can’t stop buying from RCVRY! and He > i. Just the visual reminder is an ever present encouragement and reminder of God’s love and care for me. THANK YOU for all of the work you do!

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