Here I sit again in a local coffee shop! So much of this business is being built from my laptop sitting in coffee shops, ha! I joke often that I'm just sitting here sipping a coffee with my earbuds in and changing the world from my laptop and phone!

One of the ways I've focused on growing the brand is through transparency on where the brand is at each stage of the way through blogging and podcasting, etc. Recently, we've tried some behind the scenes brand growth content on platforms like TikTok and we'll see where that goes in time.

Blogging Transparency

Through it all, I end up coming back to blogging my thoughts out... and sometimes this content makes its way into other formats across our other media channels.

So it's late winter 2022 at the time of this writing, and here I sit once again prayerfully pondering the future for the brand's growth. There are SOOO many platforms and so many ways to take products to market and advertise them, and so much of the challenge is sifting through all the noise of options for which ones fit us best.

Prayers for God's Growth Strategy

I'd like to ask anyone who reads this to pray for me and the brand to not just pick ways to grow for merely business minded or money growth ways alone, but ways that God truly leads! Money and profit is part of any business to help the brand actually stay in business and grow, but the reason I started Choose RCVRY in the first place was to make a dent in this world for God. The brand does this through inspirational designs, sharing God's hope in various media formats, outreach trips, and donating portions of profits back to recovery from addiction and/or human trafficking ministries. The mission is primary, but to keep funding the mission and grow, we also need increased revenue and exposure.

The honest truth is that since starting in 2019, I haven't taken a single penny of revenue from Choose RCVRY. Literally 100% of revenue goes into growing the brand and giving back to ministries. As I see more and more of my creative passion and mission mindedness pour into the brand, I also have to see the brand grow to provide for my own family as well as future staff. So pray with me for wisdom in how to best do this--to grow brand revenue to keep the brand growing, expand the mission, give more support back to ministries, and be able to fund my own family's needs and the needs of future employees that are needed to take things to higher levels of impact!

My mind is swirling (in good ways haha... I think!) with all the ways to keep pushing to higher levels of impact. There are several keys strategies on the table right now for greater brand growth in 2022 and several super CraZy ideas floating around my head for higher impact as well. It all can be very overwhelming, but also super exciting as well! I can see the future years from now as a dream inside my head--just praying for wisdom that the ideas I roll with are from God.

We still strive to pray over every order that goes out! Pray for us here too as we seek to do God's plan with Choose RCVRY and all the future CraZy ideas!! Ok, back to my coffee and changing the world from my laptop!

- Derek

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