The week of Christmas I realized something so awesome, and it related to how we all get to give back together as a brand. A friend of mine shared with me how this season really means a lot to him especially related to these Christmas bags we were assembling at the time.

For the last few years, Freedom House in our town Soldotna leads the charge in assembling gift bags at Christmas to go as gifts into our local correctional complex. Since last year, Choose RCVRY participated alongside Freedom House and other area churches by specifically funding and designing the pamphlets inside the gift bags.

Well a year ago, there Brian was receiving a bag and hanging up the pamphlet on his cell wall. Inside the pamphlet we included a picture of a Christmas tree surrounded by testimonies of fellow friends in recovery and some formerly in jail themselves. They each shared a brief word on what Jesus means to them at Christmas. Brian shared how those testimonies softened his heart to full surrender and fresh faith in Jesus.

Amazing Redemption

Fast forward to Christmas 2021 a year later... Brian is out, walking in freedom from addiction, growing in his faith, on staff with Freedom House... AND this year included a part of his story in the pamphlet that we just sent back into Wildwood Correctional Complex!

Watch the full video below! No matter where you are and no matter what you're going through... or what a loved on is going through... there is hope! Be the inspiration God designed you to be in your own family and community! And thank you sooooo much for supporting the Choose RCVRY that makes a difference in causes like this one every season of the year!

- Derek for Choose RCVRY



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