We've always been a unique brand with a quirky personality and a life and death mission of hope. Think of us like an Alaskan activewear brand that seems a little like faith-based lifestyle tees with recovery inspired lines along with a little fashion/boutique flair all locked in on a mission to fund recovery hope and do outreach! We love living life to the fullest and being goofy with a life and death mission.

Worldwide Brand

From the very beginning I envisioned a nationwide brand that reaches even worldwide with these lines that go beyond just the recovery community and truly help bring inspiration in this world. There are a ton of brands that give back, but Choose RCVRY aims to really bring light to massively overlooked needs of our day.

Brand for Everyone - On Mission Together

We strive to bring awareness to addiction and human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking and that recovery is indeed possible. Now those two areas don't always relate, but many times they are intertwined. A HUGE part of Choose RCVRY is growing as a brand for ALL people, including those who don't have a problem with substance addiction or trafficking.

Another area we aim to shed light on is the universal connection pornography has with feeding sex trafficking. Any sort of porn usage--and certainly porn and sex addictions--further the demand for the exploitation of women and men, girls and boys. So from substances to porn to sex addiction and the darkness of sex trafficking, these are all MASSIVE needs of our day.

Out of real life experience in all these areas represented on our team of friends, Choose RCVRY was born. These issues are too big to just leave to the agencies and ministries out there in the trenches, and they need attention from those outside of addiction as well. So could there be a way to unite efforts?... efforts in raising awareness, spreading inspiration, connecting resources, doing outreach, and funding all these areas as well as ministries already in the trenches??

Movement of Hope

As a brand, we represent a movement of hope... hope for God's redemption, hope for others finding help, hope for more seeing their role in helping, hope for feeling good in your own skin, and just hope for making this world a better place. We couldn't do any of this without your amazing support! Every like, comment, share, and purchase helps literally everything above continue moving forward!

Faith Meets Fashion for a Mission

As we prepare to exit 2021 into 2022, know that we're still committed to this mission. The heart behind Choose RCVRY beats for Inspiring the Never Give Up in All of Us! Look for more lifestyle tee/hoodie drops in both faith and recovery designs, more general activewear drops for anyone, and more fashion items for literally anyone as well. Plus, our social media content showcases the mission, advertises the designs, and spreads hopeful reminders all while showing a peak into our normal crazy lives in epic Alaska.

Help us grow as we're on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and Podcasts! Lastly, we super stoked to see some of our lines make it into local Alaska fashion boutiques! Wherever you live, if you own or know of a boutique or even recovery ministry that would like to carry our lines, let us know!

Thanks again so much for all your support as we grow, rewriting the story of addiction and trafficking together through a brand that legit makes a difference across this globe together!


- Derek

Inspire the Never Give Up

Choose RCVRY

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