Well another year sweeps past and we find ourselves in a very similar situation as last year. Another fostering experience is nearing completion, and we are so thrilled to see God reuniting kids to their parent. We live in a broken world and none of us are beyond making choices that end up having long-reaching consequences. Thankfully, we also live in a world with a plan of redemption unfolding. The fierceness of the enemy and hell itself indeed is strong, but the power of the victorious plan of God stands far more fierce. Although we may look around and see evidence of hell all around, we also see evidence of our fiercely victorious God at work.

I see this God I serve at work in the kids we’ve been privileged to have in our home this last year once again. I see this God at work in reunifying these amazing boys with their family. I see my God powerfully at work also when He plucks men and women from the hell of addiction and revives their captive soul from the domain of darkness to the beauty of God’s conquering Kingdom. 


God’s Kingdom is indeed conquering… Jesus promised to build His church against the very gates of hell and He intends to do so. My faith this last year increased and continues to increase as I watch in awe at our victorious God conquer any supposed gates the enemy puts up.

Whether through fostering or through Freedom House or through church planting discipleship, God is at work in our community and in our state! Now, do these results happen every day and with relative ease? Emphatically, no! But, God is definitely still working just as powerfully. It is hard and exhausting at times. You see, as we follow His Spirit with bold faith in our conquering, victorious God, He does still move mountains that seemed previously immovable. 


I’m convinced God is moving mightily and writing redemption stories for the history books… and we are living right in it. Does God still work like He did in the days of the New Testament? Most definitely. God keep increasing my faith to follow You into the devastation of hell’s fierceness. Oh, but God keep showing me Your powerful fierceness over any apparent grip of the enemy’s domain. Hell’s kingdom is defeated, it’s dead, crushed… destined for destruction. God’s Kingdom is alive and He will continue capturing souls from hell’s grip.

Oh church, let’s lift our eyes to our conquering King and may His Spirit stiffen our spines as we engage in the brokenness all around us. He is indeed at work!


Stoked to Serve My God,

- Derek

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