Setting goals for your life is always important because it helps with clarity, focus, and motivation. Just as you set goals for your own life and recovery, we set goals for our company.

From the very beginning our MAIN goal has been the mission of raising awareness and hope for recovery. Even if the brand never makes a single penny profit and yet makes a difference changing people's lives, that's SUCESS for us. Now that's not always practical though to run a company that drives itself into the ground ha! So we strive really hard to set goals that reach both, while remaining locked in on our main mission.

The Choose RCVRY mission breaks down in several aspects.

Some of the practical ways we aim to fulfill that mission:

  • every design highlights awareness or hope
  • every design aims to increase confidence to be the one God created you to be
  • the designs and the mission behind the brand are meant to inspire you to keep going in your recovery
  • the brand overall is also meant for those affected by addiction... for those not directly in "recovery" but affected by a loved one in addiction
  • as a recovery centered brand, there is also a subtle purpose behind everything that nudges us all to see we are all ultimately in recovery from something... and we need God and each other
  • as a faith based brand, everything we do also emphasizes the importance of God and the amazing hope of freedom He gives us through Jesus
  • our mission for recovery aims to inspire you to share your own story with the world 
  • the brand aims to rattle the church to wake up to the needs all around and how we are meant to all work together to help our fellow man
  • our mission for recovery drives us to donate a portion of sales to recovery ministries
  • we strive to shine light on the hell of issues like substance abuse and other addictions like sex and porn and how those fuel human trafficking as well as other addictions related to things like eating disorders or basically any other life dominating issues

Working on several big goals in 2021 as a small but growing brand...

  • better inventory management including restocks
  • which products and lines will be released
  • more ministry presence via our Podcast & YouTube channel
  • more ministry presence through live events, both online and in person
  • adding more consistent content on our blog
  • running our ads more effectively and efficiently

Our mission for recovery drives us to keep the faith behind the Choose RCVRY vision and see it through despite all the hurtles to building a company from scratch. We dream of the day when the Choose RCVRY logo will be a beacon of God's hope for recovery in this world of darkness.

Addiction Recovery Doesn't Seem Sexy to Some

One thing we are realizing though is that addiction recovery doesn't always seem super hip or sexy. So it's much more difficult to see the brand accelerate in success. We are building the brand completely out of pocket with no debt and so far no investors. We believe in it so we work as hard as we can to bring you the Choose RCVRY brand. What we truly believe will help Choose RCVRY make it up the hill of brand recognition and ongoing sustainability is the sharing of stories and real life outreach...not outreach to sell more but outreach to change more lives! So thank you so much for reading this and representing the Choose RCVRY mission! We will endeavor through 2021 to build a beautiful brand the inspires ALL of us to reach out and help our fellow man together with the hope God gives us.

- Derek, Choose RCVRY

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