Something NEW

Something NEW is on the horizon for us at Choose RCVRY. What started as an apparel brand always had at its core the mission of making a difference. The brand now stands at a moment of shifting toward that mission being priority.

Here's what I mean... It's not that the apparel isn't important or that the brand is moving away from apparel. I still have so many designs and dreams for unique products we can make in the years ahead, but the mission is what's most important. And it's the mission that will fuel the apparel and make the greatest impact.

The Importance of Story

As the company grows, God keeps reminding me about the importance of sharing stories... of being vulnerable and authentic. We break down stigmas and spread hope through the sharing of our stories with full vulnerability. Really the pathway to bring truth comes through the breaking down of barriers through stories being shared.

As I've been learning and relearning this repeatedly, God has taken me through my own story and challenged me to share it more. So much inside me wars and shouts I can't share for all sorts of reasons. I think my story isn't the same as so many who come out of substance addiction and they'll think my story doesn't measure up. I think my story is too embarrassing and so much of it was me my own worst enemy in sexual private addiction. People will think I'm a closet pervert and won't listen. But pushing through all that shame and owning my story for what it is... my story. And it's my story to make much of God out of, and I pray by sharing it more people will be inspired to be vulnerable on their own stories.

As this shift toward mission continues, opportunities for community outreach and sharing my story and the story behind the brand keep coming. The first one comes October 1st when I will be sharing along with my friend Britney up in Wasilla, Alaska at Cloud 9 Day Spa. Cloud 9 reached out to me about doing a community event at their retail space. We'll be sharing our stories and how they relate and collaborate behind the scenes to make Choose RCVRY what it is. It’ll be a night of seeing the connection addiction and shame has on others… from porn addiction to sexual confusion, from fueling sex trafficking to substance addiction… and how all of that collided to form the Choose RCVRY brand! 

Community Outreach

Addiction really affects us all, and we truly are stronger when we work toward solutions together! If you’re local, join us for a night of Hope with Choose RCVRY at Cloud 9 Day Spa in Wasilla, Alaska! Cloud9 is also providing a virtual option for those not able to attend. Oh and did I mention we will have merch on site Friday as well! They’re offering a coupon for all that purchase something from us that night as well! 

So there it is... mission through community collaboration. Apparel as a brand but realizing that Choose RCVRY exists to spread the mission first and foremost. And you know what? The breaking down of shame's walls and tearing down stigmas all inspires and brings God's hope of healing! It's that healing that I hope will literally be felt behind every single product we produce as a brand!


Doing It Scared,

- Derek

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