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Choose RCVRY started as a company that made one t-shirt and 1 wristband. The goal was always to raise awareness and inspire the hope of addiction recovery. We do this by making recovery shirts and apparel.

I'm sitting in a local coffee shop as I type this and peering out the window at a snow filled parking lot while I'm wearing my "He > I" t-shirt. Makes me think of the contrast from the cold because that shirt company is based in warm, sunny Hawaii. And why does that matter? Well they were one of the companies that got my attention when the Choose RCVRY idea initially formed.

Sharing Stories of Hope

As I understand it, "He > I" started by a local surfer in Hawaii who wanted to place that important faith reminder on some shirts. As the Choose RCVRY idea gave birth, I began becoming obsessed with sharing stories of hope. So how could Choose RCVRY place a design (and future designs) on shirts and other apparel that would resonate with shared stories?

God's work of healing and freedom in my own journey has been amazing, and I've found so much continual healing and purpose in sharing it. Then through the ministries I also serve with, it's been inspirational seeing countless other recovery stories being written right here in Alaska. Amplifying these stories is a central purpose with the Choose RCVRY brand.

Healing and Purpose

So no matter what darkness you've lived through, there is hope and recovery is possible. Recovery isn't just for you either, but is meant to be shared so others can find freedom as well! From meetings, to counseling, to church, embrace those times as your time to share your story. Then take your story beyond those group environments and share it with the world around you! Push into this more and you'll continue healing in deeper ways as you also see God use you in others' lives as well!

Thanks for rocking Choose RCVRY with us! Whenever someone sees our logo, we aim for Choose RCVRY to stand for hope over any addiction... any hell. So we continue making recovery shirts and all sorts of apparel as we grow and heal together!

Derek, for Choose RCVRY

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June 23, 2021

I’m in the process of looking for treatment centers but not in my area!! If anyone knows of anywhere I can go let me know!! I’m from St.louis mo

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