The story isn't over. My story isn't over. Your story isn't over. 

It's the theme circulating around my mind lately. I'm reminded of this on a regular basis as I work with the men and women recovering at Freedom House. I never grow tired of hearing people's stories from hell and back, and God always blows me away at His amazing work of redemption.

Sucky Attitudes

Sometimes the stuff I face in life and the grind of ministry and work get me down... like really my attitude sucks sometimes. The pressure of leading a recovery church, meeting with souls in early stages of recovery, praying for those who relapse, running an online apparel brand, helping my wife's startup bakery, and not even to mention being a husband, father, and friend sometimes weighs me down. 

But God showed me something... it's when I get my eyes off the God of those things that my attitude goes downhill. Are there days when I feel like shedding some of my responsibilities? Heck yes there are. And there are times regularly when I pray about what God has me doing because the last thing I want to do is stuff He isn't wanting me to do!

As I've freshly done this again, I've realized these are all areas of focus God has for me right now. Yet the slowness of growth in some of those areas really frustrates me at times still. I'd LOVE for Choose RCVRY to really take off quicker and become profitable and sustainable. Anyone who reads these posts or knows me would know this about me. It's incredible to me how running an online apparel business is SO dang expensive.

Yet God

Yet, God is still in the details and I continue to follow His leading, trusting His timing and continual blessing. As I sensed this just today, I heard a song that came on my Apple music that blessed me to tears of joy and renewed peace. It's called "Faithful God" by "I Am They". Take a listen below and let it bless your soul as well! Whatever you face, your story isn't over! We have a faithful God above it all!

- Derek


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