So why a clothing line you might ask? Or why one specifically about recovery?

Let me take a few moments to introduce myself to you and explain how Choose RCVRY started. I grew up in the midwest in a pretty solid Christian home. Although I recall hearing about Jesus from a young age and even coming to faith through my childhood and early teen years, I also fell into a long-lasting struggle with pornography. Ironically, as I then attended Bible college for ministry service, later seminary, and even through getting married and starting "full-time" ministry, this struggle with porn continued. Today, I look back and call it addicted because I was held captive to my sin and couldn't seem to get free. Now, I praise God that my enslavement to sin didn't end as many of those I know whose sexual addiction or substance abuse literally destroyed their families and lives. Over time God brought victory, and I praise my Redeemer God for His victory and renewing my mind and behavior!

God led my wife and I to lay our lives down for His glory in Alaska. Since moving here in 2011, we've seen firsthand the brokenness across this beautiful state. And you know what? This brokenness is all over the world... something I'm keenly becoming aware of each time I travel. We are very thankful for the ministry opportunities God gives us in Alaska's villages as well as the road system. Currently, we live in Soldotna and I pastor a church plant called Acts 2:47 Recovery Church. Additionally, I serve on staff at Freedom House (a local faith-based sober transitional living home). We are literally seeing lives rescued from the death grip of hell to the set free life of Jesus!

The more God grows me and allows more ministry across our community and state, I'm convinced God wants to do more in the recovery community. Recovery is a shift that takes place as God wakes us up to His beautiful purpose for us. Our ultimate Higher Power is the one true God. Through faith in Jesus, He rocks our lives. We are then free to continue walking the path of recovery. Recovery is an intentional choice, a mindset flowing out of worship. God gave me this idea of starting an apparel company to further shed light on the needs within the recovery community.


God is So Good!

- Derek Black

Choose RCVRY

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