The No Excuses Wristband reminds us of the stubbornness within that is required to reach goals in life.

No Excuses Wristband
We at Choose RCVRY are passionate to raise awareness for addiction recovery, and we find that a no excuses mindset is so needed.
You in addiction? NO EXCUSES. Seek help and keep going.
You have a loved one who needs help? NO EXCUSES. Keep praying and keep showing them love.

Even if you're not in recovery yourself, this no excuses mindset is actually so crucial for every single one of us. We all are affected by the brokenness in this world. And so all of us are really on a path to recovery in all God intends for us.
And as you live this life, we all make goals. Exercise  goal, financial goal, relationship goal, spiritual goal, recovery goal? Whatever it is, NO EXCUSES. Never Give Up. Keep Going.
A portion of every purchase also goes to help fund recovery efforts!