Wristbands have been one of those things that we see come and go, but they seem to really stand the test of time. Why? Think about your last wristband. Maybe it was quite some time ago, but I bet it supported some cause you cared about.

Now think with about addiction. Maybe it's in your life story even. But if not, then you at least likely know of someone who is. Maybe it's your family member close to you, a friend, or a distant loved one whose life is being wrecked by the hell of addiction.

Join with us by raising awareness for recovery with awareness wristbands! No matter how addiction affects you, never give up and make a difference!
Spread Awareness for Addiction WristbandsSpread Awareness for Addiction Wristbands

Tired of seeing the hell of this life seem to win out? Let's break the silence, end the stigma, and spread AWARENESS!

A portion of every purchase also goes to help fund recovery efforts! 

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