Choose RCVRY Coffee by Wagon Coffee Roasters

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Ok FULL DISCLOSURE: we know the price of this coffee is a smidge higher than maybe what you'd typically grab. BUT, we want to share with you WHY it's truly legit worth your time and support!

Everyone wants to drink good coffee that not only jump starts their day, but also is good for them, the environment, and even better if it gives back to the community! While some prefer that acidic aftertaste of some lesser quality coffees, others who have a more refined taste appreciate smoother flavors that go down smooth, rest well in your system, and gives you that coffee boost we all love without the kickbacks in taste or your overall health. That's right a legit quality coffee experience can actually be better for your health than a lesser quality more acidic blend.

1. It's DANG good coffee 

2. It literally employs women in recovery

3. It's sourced ethically from farms growing the best quality beans

Oh as a bonus, it's also roasted in industry-leading environmental roaster machine!

4. AND last but not least, we donate portion of profits back to ministries working in recovery from addiction and human trafficking!

A DANG Good Collab

We are THRILLED to finally release our collaboration with Wagon Coffee Roasters! They are an awesome group of people in the Denver, Colorado area with hearts for recovery as well! In fact, they employ women in recovery to make these beans available. Plus, they roast the best ethically sourced beans and do so in the latest tech for environmentally clean roasting processes! 

Wagon Coffee Roaster

We LOVE how they're giving back to the recovery community, so this collaboration was a no brainer for us! When you buy our signature Choose RCVRY blend, you not only support those women in recovery at Wagon, but also help us donate toward other ministries working with those in recovery from addiction and human trafficking.

Freaking amazing coffee that helps people in a life and death mission! What more can you ask for!?

Women in Recovery


Wagon Coffee Mission



When you decide to purchase our Wagon / Choose RCVRY Collaboration, you're supporting not just Wagon Coffee, but also Choose RCVRY and your impact exponentially increases in Colorado, in Alaska, and all over the nation. Plus it's some awesome tasting coffee supporting some awesome coffee farms too!

So we know you have your coffees you like, give Choose RCVRY/Wagon Coffee a shot and help give back!