Grace is Greater than Shame T-Shirt

The Grace > Shame shirt came from being in the trenches with those struggling through relapse and early recovery.

As Christians, we can unfortunately be so judgmental and lose sight of the grace and love God gives us. Shame keeps addiction towering over us and the stigma keeps us in our hellish corner.

God showers us with grace and obliterates our shame through recovery. Grace is GREATER than Shame! The red color is a slight hint at the blood of Jesus who poured out God's grace to us!

A portion of profits helps fund recovery efforts from substance addiction and sex trafficking recovery. Freedom House in Soldotna, Alaska ministers to men and women coming from addiction and all the other areas of recovery (like human trafficking for example). Additionally, we're supporting with this design a startup ministry (Home of Hope) also in our local area that will be providing a refuge for adolescent victims of sex trafficking and exploitation.

Unisex fit, slightly fitted.