Pass It On Mystery Packs

Ok so we're trying something NEW! We still have stock locally from previous designs, SO you've heard of passing it along or sharing the love right!?
Ok so here's how it works! We've all been incredibly blessed through the gift of recovery.... Let's share that blessing with others in our own communities by passing along some recovery swag!
Tap in to the site and purchase a flat rate $19.99 Pass It On Mystery Pack. We'll stuff it full of various designs and a couple different sizes of stuff and ship it to you. Each bag will have apparel plus wristbands and even the occasional hoodie!  Select a pack for just women, just men, or a mixture! THEN you give what's in the bag away to whoever!.... fam/friends or treatment center, shelter, meetings, church group, street, etc!

These packs are designed to bless others, so each pack will have more than the worth of the cost. Also because of the purpose for these packs, no returns are available.