RCVRY Wristband Club

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We're taking giving back to another level with this one! In collaboration with a local Soldotna, Alaska based sober home ministry Freedom House, we give you the RCVRY Wristband Club!

We've designed this as a monthly subscription club that brings you fresh wristband designs every month designed by our own recovery community in beautiful Soldotna, Alaska! Freedom House houses up to 18 residents as they work on transitioning through treatment to ongoing recovery and life on their own. 

Our collaboration with Freedom House goes past just the designs, but residents in early recovery will also get on the job skill training as they help package your monthly packs and ship them... from Alaska to wherever you live! Plus, this collaboration helps fund their housing fees in these critical months of recovery life!

So you get to support their designs and their recovery literally in so many beautiful ways! Addiction is life and death, but together we get to make a huge difference!

Some common questions...

- What happens if I don't need 4 new wristbands each month? great question! so you can cycle through fresh designs for yourself OR please pass them on and spread the mission of spreading hope together! So you can support those in recovery in Alaska while also spreading this same hope in your own community as you share your wristbands with others! ❤️

- What's included in each monthly pack? each month, we include 4 unique wristband designs. Some of these might be more on the Choose RCVRY side while most are from the Freedom House collaboration. We also include an encouragement card on that month's design theme! Oh and a coordinating sticker of some kind with these monthly designs... because who doesn't like stickers! 😎

- Can I cancel my subscription at any time? yes, totally! You can cancel and resume subscriptions at any time! We encourage you to give away wristbands as we hope to build some consistency for job and housing fee assistance with those from Freedom House that this collab helps with! 🙌

- Can I purchase just 1 pack alone? yes, that's an option as well! While we focus mostly on our subscription option that funds the mission most consistently, we understand some aren't able to do that every month. You can purchase the current month pack or select other single wristband options across our site. 💪

First month, includes free shipping! thereafter, flat rate $5 shipping applies, price reflects this discount! Must use code: clubshipping for this initial signup discount!

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