Rock Bottom Boot - GREEN

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The Rock Bottom Boot by Choose RCVRY exists to spread awareness for addiction recovery in a unique way!

The world is filled with all kinds of footwear, and some that spread awareness for various causes. But we wanted to design a boot that stands out as very unique and stylish while also remaining versatile in all weather conditions. We do live in Alaska after-all! The design had to be something that could rock the downtown scene on a weekend while remaining rugged enough for the elements life throws your way. 

We like to say our Rock Bottom Boot is built for STYLE, FUNCTION, AND MISSION. 

  • STYLE: The design needed to stand out enough for people to ask about the stylish boots, giving the wearer the opportunity to share about the brand's mission of raising awareness for addiction recovery.
  • FUNCTION: When it came to the materials to use, we needed to decide on faux leather, some other imitation material that would be durable yet quality, or real genuine leather. In the end we chose to go with REAL GENUINE leather. The leather is more durable to various weather elements, holds up the stitching and lace holes more securely, allows for more fluid zipper action, provides a better aesthetic look and feel, and just overall improves the quality and design of the boot.
  • MISSION: We want these boots to spread awareness while also helping fund actual recovery efforts. Our hope is that you would have many opportunities to share the backstory of Choose RCVRY and your own journey simply by wearing your own pair of Rock Bottom Boots. 

Share the story for recovery through rocking the Rock Bottom Boot! Let's continue to change the world together!

Wedge heel inside design, side zipper in addition to the adjustable laces

We only have the Green leather boot left.

NOTE on lace colors: Boots come standard as follows:

To order an additional lace color, visit here!

Also due to shipping costs, we can't offer today totally free returns/exchanges on the Rock Bottom Boot. If you find you need a different size, we can totally do that if you ship them back to us! Most find these fit true to size. They do not however come in a wide-foot option.


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