This last year the Choose RCVRY brand shaped some deeper character in me. I started this brand back in 2019 with the idea it would take off and help in so many ways. If you've been following along for awhile, you know the journey has been extremely rocky... just like real life though, right!

I spent much of 2023 just in recovery mode for the brand. At times I honestly asked God what I should do? This brand that was so near to my heart had gone into debt and lost a ton of momentum. Right when thinking about seriously closing the doors, an email would come in from people telling me how the brand literally saved their lives. Instantly I felt peace and determination to stay the course and work on recovering the lost finances and eventually rebuild the brand's momentum. 

So this last year my family focused on rebuilding our finances and overall business structure so Choose RCVRY LLC can survive and our family can make it too! I'm being intentionally vulnerable with you guys, because I want you to know my heart. To this point (fall of 2023), I've yet to take a single penny from the brand personally. It's actually cost us a ton of personal finances to get the brand to this point. The goal, however, was to see recovery organizations supported and our family as well some too. This can still happen, the brand just needed to take a backseat for much of 2023. 

When I think of it, the brand's year of basically dormancy is really similar to our lives in recovery as well. We charge forward sometimes too fast or run into unexpected twists and turns that require us to back-step to the beginning. As we do pull back, refocus, and rebuild, the future becomes even stronger!

Welcome to what will become the newly updating Choose RCVRY brand! You might not see it all at first, but the brand is still alive and releasing some awesome stuff here in the future!

Keep following along at our socials and emails from the website! Speaking of updates, we just dropped some new graphic designs for the brand as well!

Thanks Choose RCVRY fam!

- Derek, owner Choose RCVRY LLC

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