Core Values are super important because they shape who we are at the core. Think about your identity for a moment. How would you describe your identity? I've recently realized that mine is far too often clouded in cliche responses like my role in my family, job title or my spiritual condition.... for me a husband/dad, pastor or a Christian. While those are important aspects to who I am, there are other things that underly those positions. These core values rest deep inside and shape the way we prioritize and live life every day almost automatically. 

There's this training called "Pursuing the Hidden Heart" by Authentic Relationships International that helps break this concept down. My friend Britney introduced me to it and she likewise benefitted from it a ton over the last 4 years. We joke that she gets all her friends to go through it now, and I'm thankful for it for sure! Over these last few months, it has helped me do more heart work on my story than I've done my entire life. Just like it's revolutionized her life, it's similarly changing mine for the better as well.

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Why Does Choose RCVRY Exist?

Well one of the areas I'm reassessing with my renewed look at core values is the Choose RCVRY brand. Why do I do what I do? Why does Choose RCVRY really exist? Is the company drifting at all from center? If so, how and what needs to change?

Man one of the hardest things for me is restraining a dream for the betterment of the overall dream. I know deep within me God gave me the Choose RCVRY idea. As the dream has developed and core values are reconsidered, the vision has clarified…

  • a brand that inspires those in recovery to speak out and rewrite the story
  • a brand that awakens/educates the church to the needs of recovery
  • a brand that is known for ministry outreach and training
  • a brand that makes apparel known for detailed design and inspiration

I want every piece of apparel Choose RCVRY makes to stand for something that is truly life and death…something that inspires people every time they slip on something from the brand. My aim in everything we stand for is to motivate more to run headlong against the gates of hell itself.

This is why I believe in Choose RCVRY and will continue building the company with all the energy God gives me. It’s why I’ve literally invested more money than some make in an entire year into building the brand. Most don’t realize how much it costs to get a brand out there. Doing business online takes brand awareness potentially all over the nation and world. While there might not initially be physical rent space, there is a digital rent requirement of sorts… online advertising. It is this online advertisement investing that brought the brand to people across the nation. We routinely receive feedback about how the ads and apparel inspire people to fight another day against their addiction, to keep holding out hope for a loved one, or to keep choosing life over suicidal thoughts. We pray, interact, and connect people to local resources. All this from ads and apparel. We also donate a portion of our sales to recovery ministry locally in Alaska where men and women are finding freedom everyday.

But as amazing as that impact is, it comes at a physical cost to run those ads that generate sales in the first place. Anyone in the online advertising market knows that running ads are becoming increasingly expensive. I’ve come close at times to dangerous levels of my own personal funds to keep the brand growing. Well the last few weeks of summer it’s become apparent that I’ve dove in a little too deep...again.

So I’m learning the wisdom of having to restrain myself to make the overall dream still possible. If I continued at the pace of our online ad presence from before, the company would run into the ground bankrupt. Why am I saying all this? The mission and dream behind Choose RCVRY rests deep inside me and I’d like to share my heart with whoever hears this. I have way more designs and product ideas… things I can’t wait to release… but for now I’m in a season of restraint as I ask God for wisdom and provision.

From here my focus is on several areas… first off legit praying for guidance and provision, going over our ad campaigns and considering every social platform available right now for best results, networking with other brand owners for insight and community, refining the brand’s emails and starting text campaigns for all our previous supporters, and pushing into other more direct impactful efforts.

More Direct Impact Efforts?

What are those more direct impactful efforts? Choose RCVRY will be going on another national podcast for more exposure. Locally, we’ve been asked to share stories from the brand at an upcoming in-person event. Also coming next month, Choose RCVRY will be going on our first ever recovery related mission trip! Lastly, I’m focused on acquiring better physical space for the brand to house inventory, have a local showroom, and space for expanding the brand’s own podcast and YouTube presence.

If you’re a supporter of Choose RCVRY through your purchases or other brand awareness, thank you so so much! Your support means the world, as we aim to do far more together! Your prayers are so appreciated too! Pray for God’s provision as we network and look for finances to grow again.


- Derek, Choose RCVRY

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