When Choose RCVRY first started, I was wide-eyed on all the possibilities while also being aware of the hard road ahead of starting and growing a brand. Through the setbacks and even opposition at times, the mission kept driving me to keep at it. One of the original tag-lines for us became "Never Give Up" and served as a reminder to keep cranking no matter what.


Fast forward to late fall 2021... after pulling back and refocusing on the mission behind the brand, we're locked in on the original brand focus with a fierceness. And as the brand keeps evolving, this focus and mission remains steady... to make a difference in ministry efforts of recovery from addiction and human trafficking. Yet, I use that word "evolving" because the way we share what we do continues adapting. My dream is to create an apparel brand that makes our own designs that truly inspire and fund more ministry.... more people lifted from low self esteem to confidence in what they wear, more people in recovery from addiction or trafficking inspired to keep at it one more day, more people of faith challenged to do something greater together through our purchases and donations, more unity between people with and without an addiction history working together for a healthier stronger world.

I realized I've got to tell the story of the brand differently in some ways and more consistently in other ways. So we now have help in telling a better story behind Choose RCVRY. We now have more designs in the works and more restocks coming. We still have more social media and podcast/YouTube content planned, more local ministry shaping up, and more outreach trips in the works. 

This is our new way of explaining what we do and why we exist:

Most people want to feel good about the clothes they wear and that their brands make an impact in this world. Addiction and human trafficking are two huge areas of need in our day. So we made an apparel brand that donates profits toward ministries fighting addiction and human trafficking and helps you truly be an inspiration wherever you go.


Our world is filled with so much destruction, loss, trauma, and people trying to make sense of this life. We have the hope that brings freedom. God still sets the captives free. Ministries and organizations filled with real people who choose to love their fellow human by extending practical help is how we bring Light to the darkness. And we inspire others in how we carry ourselves, what we wear and how we wear it. We believe that God has given us all the tools to Never Give Up and keep inspiring, keep recovering (addiction or not), and keep loving others come hell or high water. So we choose to flip the script. We choose to rewrite the story. We choose to follow God. We choose to make a difference. We choose to never give up. We choose to truly inspire.


Inspiring the Never Give Up in All of Us,

- Derek

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