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We routinely get feedback about all the ways Choose RCVRY is encouraging people in their ongoing recovery. We love hearing how someone chooses another day sober because of a Never Give Up message on our apparel. We are humbled to pray with women struggling with their partner/husband’s sex addiction. We are committed to keep helping those that reach out still entangled in trafficking. We are blown away at how simple messages on clothing inspires people to keep on going another day or to keep holding out hope for a loved one still suffering in their hell. Hearing how more are inspired to begin sharing their stories of recovery fuels our passion to keep rewriting the story together. We're committed to helping more men and women experience God’s hope through sober transitional housing and recovery ministry made possible through your purchases! Literally right here in Soldotna, Alaska we walk alongside men and women who everyday are coming from the streets, trap houses, prisons, and even from their pimps to find a safe faith-based home that loves on them and helps them recover. These are the kinds of real life ministry examples we are able to donate toward through your purchases.


YET, we continue getting feedback from people how we are exploiting the recovery community to make a profit. This feedback is so consistent, I decided to write about it. As described above, our passion behind Choose RCVRY is to help our fellow man using an outside the box approach like an apparel brand. As we attempt to grow the brand, the costs associated with inventory, new designs, restocks, shipping supplies, the shipping costs we eat being based in Alaska, website fees, and advertising fees to even spread awareness about our company all costs a ton to run. On top of these, we donate a portion back to recovery ministries. At times we’ve done this when we didn’t even have any profit and there are still so many months that we are running at break even or worse.

There are so many times that I personally as the brand owner feel like quitting and throwing in the towel. The brand is important to me, but it has also cost my family so much in time and finances. BUT then, I get a beautiful story of how the brand is helping someone’s journey out of hell. I hear those stories and it keeps me hustling with all the strength and energy God provides!


I guess I’m writing this in a moment of public vulnerability to share my heart behind the Choose RCVRY brand. And I’d love some prayer for our brand that God would shower us with His resources to keep growing a company that really around every corner seems to keep facing every obstacle known to man haha.. ok not really, but it feels like it sometimes!

Just know that we (everyone behind Choose RCVRY) love God and we legitimately love people. Know that I’m dreaming of the day when the brand can truly stand on its own two feet apart from seeding it with our own finances and that it can truly make a greater impact with greater resources behind it. And please know that we are never going to exploit anyone in recovery for money. So I and others that help the brand will continue throwing our blood, sweat, tears, and money behind the mission because we believe in it! Hopefully one day it can grow in ways that can make an even greater impact!



- Derek Black

Choose RCVRY

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