There are moments in history that are meant to be defining. Think about your own journey… so many of us had to come to rock bottom before we could come to our senses and realize our deepest need for recovery.

We are living in a time of history that continues unraveling the brokenness of our nation’s very fabric. We are a divided people and hell’s onslaught is relentless, seizing every opportunity to trap more souls in the death-grip of addiction and hopelessness.

Deep Prophetic Longing

But there is something deeper that rests within. You were built and destined for more. Like that sunrise on the horizon that comes up regardless of the hell it shines over, so hope still exists even amidst the darkness that seems to trap so many.

During times like these, God often speaks. Oh I know we have God’s Word and He has already spoken. But I find that there are these intersection moments of history where prophetic works of art collide with hell in a way that highlights what God has already said.

What has God already said?

Jesus came to a broken world and taught about His coming Kingdom being at hand.

His own people ended up rejecting Him and that message. It didn’t stop God’s plan from advancing though. Even right before going back to heaven, Jesus told His followers (Acts 1) that the Father had fixed the timing of the coming Kingdom by His own authority. Earlier in the book of Matthew, we read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (chapters 5-7) where He talked about living Kingdom of God realities. That Kingdom was addressed to Israel, but we learn through the Bible that all peoples have access to redemption and that the Kingdom of God is still yet coming for Israel and all nations!

Kingdom Collision & Recovery

Jesus lived in a day of kingdoms colliding… we live today as well in a collision of kingdoms. Don’t allow the kingdoms of this messed up world distract you from the coming Kingdom of God.

We stand in need of recovery… recovery from addiction, recovery from selfishness, recovery from hatred, recovery to our Creator God.

As far as those prophetic works of art I mentioned?… Two songs, one from a few years back and one from 2020 really capture this prophetic essence. Check out the lyrics behind each one and ponder how they really make you think. Christian or not, they reveal something critically important for our time as humanity.


“World on Fire”

By Daughtry 

"Going down like a dead man walking

One step from a body in a coffin

Just one, one of the fallen

Waking up to a blood moon, howling

Can’t drown it out, even with the medicine

Tearing through me like a bullet of adrenaline

Arms heavy, face down on a death bed

Blame the gods while choking on the violence

In the end, silence is deafening.

Can you hear the cry like a thousand sirens?

In the night like thunder striking.

The sickness is rising

The angels are crying

That’s the sound of a world on fire…."


“Looking for Angels”

By Skillet


"Walk this world alone

Try to stay on my feet

Sometimes crawl, fall,

But I stand up ‘cause

I’m afraid to sleep

Open my eyes to a new

day, with all new problems and all new


All the faces are filled with so much anger

Losing our dignity and

Hope from fear of danger

After all the wars, after settling the scores

At the break of dawn

Will we be deaf to the answers?

There’s so much bigotry,

Misunderstanding and fear

With eyes squinted and fists clenched we

Reach out for what is dear

We want it, we want,

We want a reason to live

We’re on a pilgrimage,

A crusade for hope

‘Cause in our hearts and minds and souls

We know

We need it, we need,

We need more than this

Going through this life

Looking for angels

People passing by

Looking for angels

Walking down the

streets looking for angels

Everyone I meet

Looking for angels

So many nations with

So many hungry people

So many homeless

Scrounging around for

Dirty needles

On the rise, teen suicide

When will we realize

We’ve been

Desensitized by the world?

We’re oppressed and impressed

By the greedy

Whose hands squeeze

the life out of the needy

When will we learn

That wars, threats, and regrets

Are the cause and effect of living in fear?

Who can help protect

The innocence of our children

Stolen on the internet

With images they can’t forget?

We want it, we want,

We want a reason to live

We represent a generation that wants

To turn back a nation

To let love be our light and salvation"

Rise with Hope

So no matter what you face in your part of the world today, search deep within and don’t lose your glimpse of the hope God offers. The news stirs anxiety and division. Everyday life throws so many challenges our way. The enemy keeps reminding us of our hellish past.

Refuse to give in to the status quo or retreat. May we hear the call of God and rise to all He has for us. We want change in our own communities? Let’s be that change together Choose RCVRY fam! We can be a relentless force for God’s hope, pushing back against the enemy’s domain. To hell with the trap-houses, the needles, the bottle, the suicidal thoughts, the domestic violence, the sex-trafficking, the porn, and whatever else enslaves us. Those things are destined for hell. Let’s rise above all that and with relentless commitment, be the change this world so desperately needs!



Choose RCVRY


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