When we say we exist to spread awareness for addiction recovery and spread the hope of freedom over any hell, we legit mean it! Even though we are just an apparel company, our mission is far more than just selling clothes. The mission behind Choose RCVRY rests deep within our souls and we live and breathe this heartbeat in every thing we do.

Entrenched in the Battle

God has saved us from hell and we’ve lived this life of recovery. Every single day we are entrenched in the battle with others who are suffering in their addiction, and we’ve lost close friends to this hellish sickness. We grieve, but at the end of the day we lift our heads to our Maker and press forward because eternity hangs in the balance for so many people. We partner with who we can to connect resources and love those that many overlook. We empower real people to share their stories with the world because we truly believe there is healing in bringing our hell into the light.

Bring Your Hell into the Light

Oh whoever reads this, don’t believe the lies that shame holds over your head. Freedom from this darkness is possible and it’s so amazingly beautiful. What absolutely makes our day is finding out how people are being rocked from the shackles of addiction and shame. When we hear stories of change or how you are boldly sharing your story, we are so inspired! And we’re proud of you for taking that courageous move to speak out! God shines His light on us and truly heals us through Jesus as we learn to turn to Him and then speak out.

Relentless Pursuit

So we sell apparel… and dang legit quality apparel at that! Seriously, we strive as hard as possible to release the best quality apparel we can because we truly believe in the mission of Choose RCVRY. We want every single piece of fashion we release to not just make a statement visually but to stand the test of time in a way that shouts that recovery too stands the test of time! Our apparel not only introduces something special into the fashion world, but the mission behind it is truly locked in on hell. So keep joining us as we are relentless in our pursuit of shining God’s light on hell and seeing more people find recovery and healing!


Locked in on Hell,

- Derek

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