What comes to mind as you answer that question? Most times the world of addiction is mired with shame, guilt, self-hate, pain, confusion, etc. Basically many describe their addiction like a hell of existence. That’s addiction... a living hell of existence trapping so many in this web of pain. Many say it’s a disease, and it is a disease deep within a person, but it also is not incurable.

Addiction is Deeper

While many refer to addiction as a disease, it goes deeper and we know addiction to be quite complicated. Here’s what I mean… addiction is unique as there is a spiritual element at play. While there are obvious physical forms of treatment like medication and therapy, there are also the spiritual aspects behind the addictive behavior. These behaviors weave together a myriad of emotions and lifelong internal responses to external pain which then becomes internal pain as well. So we can’t completely answer the question about recovery without addressing the spiritual aspect to humanity. While there are things like mental illness and a tendency toward addictive personalities being passed down, we are also made as spiritual beings. The twelve steps talk about a Higher Power beyond us who is critical to recovery.

We at Choose RCVRY are building a brand to raise awareness for recovery in general, but more specifically recovery through faith in Jesus. That admission might make us lose support from some, but that’s ok because there are many other forms of recovery and even recovery apparel brands out there. If you’ve been around our brand, then you know we don’t shove our faith in people’s faces. Some of our apparel  is intentionally generic for anyone to enjoy and represent, and some of our designs reflect our faith roots. We don’t make apparel to push an agenda down people’s throats. That’s not what attracts anyone to faith anyway. Ultimately all our designs are created to help you share your unique story of why you represent. The power isn’t in a piece of fabric anyway, but rather in you as a real breathing piece of humanity and in your story.

Being Made Whole Again

And so recovery is a process of being made whole again from this internal complicated hell of thoughts, emotions, physical responses, and spirituality. God created us for the purpose of shining His hope and love across this world. The enemy comes in and takes advantage of our weakened humanity, bringing us further into lies of brokenness. Our responses to these lies can result in a complicated web of addictive behaviors. But it doesn’t have to be this way! God makes a way for us to find wholistic redemption and complete healing through Jesus!

God showed His love to us by sending Jesus to die on the cross and rise from the dead! It might sound sci-fi to some, but we choose to accept it by faith as one would any religious belief. We believe Jesus came to give us the redemption and healing we so desperately need. Thus, while God obviously works through physical forms of treatment for addiction, He absolutely gives us His love through Jesus to repair the damage done as well... damage that we learn separates us from God Himself. Sin has jacked this world up pretty bad, but we are not hopeless. We were made for more! God’s redemption comes in and offers complete restoration!

Recovery teaches us that we are not destined to believe the lies of brokenness, but that we are loved and offered completely renewed lives. So recovery is life recreated as we were destined by our Maker. Recovery is wholistic involving a renewal of all parts of humanity… physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Something Worth Getting Excited About

We think recovery is something worth getting pretty stoked about! So we make apparel to help you spread that excitement with the world. How you got to recovery and even the specific process of recovery is unique to you. Let’s keep changing this world together through apparel and sharing our stories!


- Derek

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