We exist to push back the darkness

...to stand against the advances of hell itself. Our brand stands for a life and death mission that we have lived. It's one of the hell of addiction. From substances to human trafficking, to pornography and sex addiction, to relationship dysfunction, and religious oppression, we've lived it all

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Yet, each one of us on the Choose RCVRY team found freedom in recovery and through our walk with God. The Choose RCVRY brand stands unashamedly as a faith-based brand, and we aim to make much of Jesus through sharing our stories. Why you say would we stand for this after even some of us living through religious abuse of various forms? Well because that wrongful treatment under a church or religious group doesn't change the object of our faith. If the object was people, then yes religion will fail you every single time. But the object of our faith is God... it's Jesus who died and rose again to make a way to freedom.

So in addiction recovery, there are legitimately many ways to recover. But for us we also believe in the beauty of spiritual recovery through our faith in God. So it is with our brand that we aim to share this faith.... but we do so not in preachy ways shaming people. Rather we share our faith through our joy and through our stories. Furthermore, we seek to spread a movement that wakes a sleeping church to be more like Jesus in our world. We aim to inspire many many people across our nation and world to share their stories more.

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And so we are not just that typical faith-based brand that pushes cliche' slogans. Sure our statements on our apparel say things that sometimes are common in some circles, but they are statements that literally mean life and death for us. They are statements that truly aim to spark conversations of depth and meaning. They are meant to get you the wearer actually speaking your story and the backstory to whatever piece you might be wearing... rather than just slapping some blanket cliche' faith statement across your chest.

We do this because ultimately we believe change comes from God working through His story (His Word) in our lives as we are on mission for Him and not just by slapping preachy/judgmental messages across our shirts.

We've all found lasting recovery through our faith, but it's been a journey... one involving people who loved us to the truth over time. Let's be that better version of faith for a hurting world. Let's tell a better story for those still out there struggling in their pain. Let's truly be the hands and feet of Jesus, roll up our sleeves and love each other!

Oh and by the way, let's have some freaking fun with it! We love to live life to the fullest and laugh as much as we can! Living recovery and living out your faith gives a life of joy!

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We make a difference together through apparel. We inspire sharing of stories. We help fund recovery ministries through a portion of donated profits. Currrently we donate 10% of profits to a local recovery ministry home called Freedom House in Soldotna, Alaska. Through this one ministry, we've seen men and women set free from all kinds of addictions... substances, porn, trafficking, families restored, and more.

Together we are stronger than addiction. And so yes we are not your average faith-based apparel brand. Make a difference along with us and let's together tell a better story of the hope over hell!

We are Choose RCVRY 🙌

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Mary Steeves
Mary Steeves

June 23, 2021

In the name of Jesus Christ he binds the sickness the thief has put on us and destroyed it.

Denise Willett
Denise Willett

June 23, 2021

So grateful for your vision and work

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